about imageHello, my name is William Paul Best (wpbest). I am the creator of the website www.wpbest.net. I am Computer Scientist. I graduated with two bachelor degrees of science, one in Computer Science and the other in Mathematics. I have been developing with Microsoft technlogogies since 1984. My first experience with Microsoft technologies was developing with the Microsoft Pascal compiler for MS-DOS 2.1. In 1994, I stared deveoping with Visual C++ and MFC for Windows 3.1. In 1996, I started using Visual Studio 6.0 for Windows 95/98. In 2001, I started developing with C# and the .NET platform for Windows XP. In 2006, I started developing with Mono for Ubuntu Linux. In 2010, I started developing with Xamarin for iOS and Android. Ever since Microsoft purchased Xamarin, I have been concentrating on Xamarin.Forms. I created this website to share my knowlege and experiences with the Xamarin community.