Setup Java Development Kit (JDK) for Xamarin

Navidate to Oracle Java SE Downloads ( with your favorite web browser.

Click on the "JDK Download" button

Click on Accept License Agreement for Java SE Development Kit 8u112 and click on the jdk-8u112-windows-x64.exe

Select a folder (Download) and press the "Save" button.

Click on the downloaded file to start the install.

Click the "Next" button

Click the "Next" button

Java is installing. 

Click the "Next" button

Java is installing.

Click the "Close" button

Launch Visual Studio. Click on Tools, Options... Click the Change link.

Select the Java Development Kit Path "..." button, navagate to the Java installed directory and then press the "OK" button.

Make sure the Java Development Kit Path is set correctly.

Right click on the start button and select "Control Panel"

Click on "System and Security"

Click on "System"

Click on "Advanced system settings"

Click the "Environment Variables..."

Press the "New..." button.

Set the Variable name to "JAVA_HOME" and the Variable value to the JDK path.

Press the "New..." button again and set the Variable name to "JRE_HOME" and the Variable value to the JRE path.

Select the "Edit" button for the Path variable and add the JDK path as shown abpve.

Congradulations. Java is now setup and configured.

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