Setup Logging for Xamarin.Forms

In this article we will setup logging with Xamarin.Forms.

Create a new Xamarin.Forms application. Click on New, Project...

Select the Visual C#, Cross-Platform, Blank Xaml App (Xamarin.Forms Portable)

Select the "OK" Button

Right Click on the solution and select Manage "NuGet Packages for Solution".

Select the Updates Tab. Select the Xamarin.Forms NuGet and Microsoft.NETCore.UniversalWindowsPlatform packages.

Select the "OK" Button.

Select the "I Accept" button.

Select the "Restart" button.

Select t "Manage NuGet Packages for Solution..."

Select the "Browse" tab and search for wpbest

Select "wpbest.Plugin.Logger" and select the entire project check box.

Select the "OK" button.

The Nuget package is installed.

Android logging

iOS logging

Windows UWP logging

Windows Store 8.1 logging

Windows Phone 8.1 logging

The source code is located on my GitHub site (wpbest/Plugin.Logger/Sample/UsingLoggerPlugin):

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